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10 Questions to Ask Before a Facelift

Age can take a toll on your skin. First lines appear and then lines can turn into deep creases. If you are bothered by the sign of ageing in your face, then facelift surgery may be right for you. Before... Read More >

Frequently asked questions about breast reduction

Overly large breasts can cause health issues and emotional problems for some women as well as physical pain and discomfort. One of the solutions to this problem is a breast reduction. What is a breast reduction? Breast reduction, also known... Read More >

What are the benefits of Blepharoplasty?

In this video, Dr Dan Kennedy discusses the benefits of Blepharoplasty. "I think as an aesthetic procedure, Blepharoplasty offers great benefits at a relatively straight-forward cost and inconvenience. It's a relatively quick recovery from Blepharoplasty and it can refresh your... Read More >

How should a patient select an injector?

In this video, Dr Dan Kennedy discusses how a patient should select an injector. "I think one of the most important issues with respect to the experience of the injector, is their training and I think if you go to... Read More >