In this video, Dr Dan Kennedy discusses how a patient should select an injector.

“I think one of the most important issues with respect to the experience of the injector, is their training and I think if you go to a Specialist Plastic Surgeon you can expect that they understand the anatomy of the face at a very high level.

You can expect that the people they accept at their practice as injectors, will have had good training and the understanding of anatomy is probably the most crucial factor when it comes to skill with injecting.”

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Having worked in the aesthetic arena for over 12 years Cath has gained expert knowledge and techniques for treating the face with various products to enhance natural beauty at the same time minimizing the effects of ageing on the face. Cath is an AHPRA endorsed Nurse Practitioner and has been trained by and worked with some of the best practitioners in the aesthetic industry. She also works as a clinical trainer and educator with Galderma Australia, a role which takes her across Australia, training Plastic Surgeons, Cosmetic Physicians and Nurses in basic and advanced injecting anti-ageing techniques.

With a philosophy of ‘less is more’ Cath believes in creating subtle natural changes to prevent and combat the signs of ageing without looking ‘overdone’. Using facial analysis techniques and a detailed consultation process, Cath is able to design an individualised treatment plan for each client to achieve natural results they will love.

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