Visiting Us

Before Your First Consultation

There is generally a short delay to obtain a consultation as our practice is busy but once the first consultation has been obtained surgery can be scheduled in a timely fashion.

Dr Kennedy usually sees a patient twice prior to surgery with a minimum of one month from the initial consultation to the date of surgery. The operative fee covers aftercare.

Interstate and Country Patients

Dr Kennedy offers an preliminary consultation by phone followed by a face to face consultation prior to surgery.

Generally patients are required to stay in Brisbane for one week after surgery.

Obtain a referral from your general practitioner

This applies only to procedures that qualify for a Medicare rebate. (Procedures which are solely cosmetic do not qualify)

Cease smoking

Nicotine causes contraction of the muscle in the blood vessels supplying the wound thus reducing the flow of oxygen to the healing tissues. This delays healing and can cause such severe complications as skin loss, wounds that split open and loss of implants. Anywhere there is less oxygen and nutrition to the tissues, infection is far more likely to occur. Smoking also affects the lungs and your fitness for anaesthesia.

It is imperative that cigarettes be ceased for 5 weeks prior to procedures where there is either significant undermining, tension on the skin or critical outcomes involved. This includes facelifting, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lifting and breast reconstruction. Any free flap surgery is particularly prone to fail when a patient smokes.

Certain types of blepharoplasty, browlift and facial skin cancer removal can be undertaken while somebody is smoking but other versions of these same operations require absolute ceasation.

For example, an endoscopic browlift will generally heal satisfactorily in a smoker but if an open browlift is required then hair loss and infection are likely to plague the smoker.

Lower lid blepharoplasty in a smoker is much more likely to result in infection, ectropian (pulling the lashes down), the cheek and stiffness of the lower lids.

If a facial skin cancer requires a skin graft or a skin flap repair then these manoeuvres are more likely to fail when someone is smoking.

Weight loss

Ensure your Body Mass Index (BMI) is not greater than 30. You can use this handy BMI calculator.

Mental health

Make sure that you are coming for surgery because you want to, not because there are external stresses on you.

Health and wellbeing

Cosmetic procedures are elective and so you have to be fit and well.