When an individual is considering plastic surgery, understanding how much time is needed to recover is an important concern. This involves some planning, especially if you work in a busy work environment.

So how long to I need to take off?

A big part of achieving the best result, is allowing your body the sufficient time to recover.

It is important to understand that each patient’s body is unique and there is no exact timeline for recovery.  The time taken to recover is also dependent upon the type of surgery you have.

Here are the recommended recovery times for different procedures:

Blepharoplasty – 1 week

Facelift –  2 weeks

Skin cancer –  48 hours, if on the face.  Time off for heavy work for body lesions, up to 4 weeks no lifting.  If the workplace is a dirty one, 1 week.

Injectables, can go straight back to work, and be covered with make up

To ensure you are not rushing back to work before you are ready, you might need to take holiday leave to ensure you are not stressed about returning to work.

Here are three tips to help you on the road to recovery and get you back to work:

  1. Don’t do too much too soon – It is important to follow the advice of Dr Kennedy and his team when it comes to recovery time.  You need to allow your body time to rest and heal. Using your recovery time to do chores around the house or going out, will not be helpful for your recovery.  Have a family member or friend come and help you out. They can help with meals, housework and any shopping you may need to do.
  2. Following Instructions– Your willingness to follow instructions can have an impact on how quickly you can return to work.  By following the instructions from Dr Kennedy, will help you to heal and be physically ready for the stresses of normal employment.
  3.  Ease back into work– It is important to remember that you have just had surgery, so easing back into work is required. When you do decide to return to work, do tasks that are less demanding on your body.   If you do have a particularly physical job, you might need additional time off.

If you are unsure about when you can return to work after your surgery, make sure you discuss your occupation and job requirements with Dr Kennedy.