On January 31st, 2020, RealSelf announced the 2020 Most Worth It Rankings, a comprehensive list of top rated cosmetic procedures. The ranking reveals the Most Worth It™ procedures of the year and is determined by Worth It Ratings from real patients on RealSelf.

The RealSelf Worth It Rating is a proprietary consumer satisfaction score based on reviews from consumers on RealSelf who, after undergoing a treatment, rated it as “Worth It” or “Not Worth It.” A total of 15 nonsurgical and 37 surgical procedures earned the Most Worth It designation for 2020.

So what were the results?

For the non-surgical treatments, injectables and toxins dominated the list which scored high on the list with 97% satisfaction rating.


Breast surgeries dominated the surgical list with breast augmentation having a 98% Worth It rating and breast reductions also with a 98% Worth It rating.


These results are not surprising.

“Getting a plastic surgery procedure is a highly personal decision, and many factors—including an individual’s unique anatomy, concerns, and goals—come into play,” said RealSelf Chief Medical Editor Dr. Lara Devgan. “That said, understanding how satisfied others are with a particular brand or procedure is a valuable insight for both doctors and patients.”

It is important to always remember to choose a specialist plastic surgeon to ensure the best results and make sure you are getting the best medical care.